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Strattice™ AlloDerm®

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Strattice™ AlloDerm®


Breast Revision with Strattice™ AlloDerm®

The loss or lack of natural breast tissue to adequately cover a breast implant may result in breast surgery results that don’t meet your expectations. Strattice™ and Alloderm® are revolutionary new tissue matrices that help support and enhance undesirable outcomes such as implant malposition and capsular contracture.  The matrices enhance your breast surgery to achieve a  natural appearance. Strattice™ has the ability to achieve adequate coverage over your breast implants and decrease visible implant wrinkling or rippling. Strattice™ supports your breast tissue around the implant and can assist in improving the appearance of implants that are out of position, such as those that may have been previously placed too far to the side and create a lack of cleavage.  Dr. Bengtson is an educator and trainer of plastic surgeons in the United States on revisional breast surgery.  He is a global leader in breast aesthetics and the use of Acellular Dermal Matrix such as Alloderm and Strattice for Breast Augmentation Secondary Revision Surgery that may be recommended specifically to improve the likelihood of success and longevity of your breast revision.  View Dr. Bengtson’s patient before and after photo’s here.