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Facelift Procedures

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Facelift Procedures


Facelift Procedures / Rhytidectomy

When your face reflects who you are in positive ways, you not only look younger – you also feel more confident and energetic.  It’s a fact, as you age, your face changes.  What were once youthful, beautiful features begin to lose definition.  Dr. Brad Bengtson is passionate about providing his patients the benefit of the most advanced, yet proven techniques which allow patients to recover more comfortably and in a shorter period of time.  His gifted surgical skills enable him to restore a more youthful, yet natural look.  Specialized techniques and procedures customized specifically for you can: smooth sagging neck skin, restore a more defined, firmer-looking  jawline or neck that has been hidden by sagging jowls, smooth deep creases and fine lines.  Friends and family will notice a younger, restored and refreshed, beautiful new you.  Dr. Brad Bengtson is a member of the Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetics Speakers Bureau and is a leader in surgical and non surgical facial aesthetics.  He takes pride in personally performing all surgical procedures.  He does not allow “residents” or other doctors to perform your surgery.