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Cryotherapyin Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

Use Cold to Your Advantage in Grand Rapids

We often bundle up against the cold to protect ourselves in winter weather, but freezing temperatures can actually be beneficial to the look and health of our skin when applied carefully by a trained medical professional.

Cryotherapy at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center makes use of this cool technique to rejuvenate the skin by addressing dark spots that develop from sun exposure, as well as skin tags. Because cryotherapy can be such an effective and powerful treatment strategy, it is important to work only with providers who are trained specifically on the device being used.

At the Bengtson Center, we use CryoCorrect by SkinCeuticals—a trusted company that emphasizes scientific research and developments in all of its products and devices. Your provider should also have a thorough understanding of the technology, how it applies to skin of various types, and the conditions that can be treated. Our Aesthetic Experts constantly push themselves to ensure they are well versed in the latest technology and able to provide beautiful results.

What Can I Expect During a Cryotherapy Session in Grand Rapids?

One of the best things about cryotherapy—besides its reliable results—is the speed of a session. It literally takes only seconds to freeze a targeted lesion or skin tag. CryoCorrect by SkinCeuticals uses CO2 to rapidly cool the skin, as opposed to other treatments that apply liquid nitrogen, which can be a deeper and unnecessarily more intense strategy. CO2 has less of an impact on the surrounding skin, which means the treatment focuses more on the problem and leaves more healthy tissue intact.

What Can You Expect After your Cryotherapy Treatment in Grand Rapids

Treated skin can be red and sensitive after exposure to extreme cold, but any related sensations or resulting dark coloration should fade naturally as a scab forms.

Because the freezing temperatures trigger natural processes that are not instantaneous—as much as we'd like them to be—a cryotherapy treatment session represents only the start of any cosmetic change. After about two to three weeks, the scab should slough off, revealing clearer, healthy skin. Note that the overall healing process can take up to three months in certain cases. Typically, a single treatment is all that is needed.

More Cool Treatments inGrand Rapids

Cryotherapy is not the only low-temperature-based treatment available at the Bengtson Center.

CoolSculpting® is a popular option for people who want to reduce fat in localized areas around the body, but who don't want to choose the surgical option of liposuction. The CoolSculpting® device drops the temperature of targeted tissues to the point that fat cells—and only fat cells—can no longer remain viable. Skin, muscle, and other tissue stays intact, while a percentage of the fat cells are rendered useless, after which natural body processes remove them, leading to volume reduction. The change is gradual, appearing over weeks and months.

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