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Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Does it seem like no matter how much you exercise or how well you eat, you cant achieve a flat, tight abdomen? Plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley Bengtson can help you improve the appearance of your stomach with an abdominoplasty, also known as a "tummy tuck," in Michigan at his Grand Rapids practice, the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.

Varying combinations of extra skin, extra fat, and weakened fascia (the thin, strong tissue that encloses your muscles), may combine to create an unsightly, bulging, unflattering stomach. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and other factors beyond your control can contribute to a tummy that protrudes or hangs over your waistline. Sometimes even the healthiest diet and exercise program cannot reduce certain fatty deposits in your abdomen or hip region. If you are unhappy with the overall way your abdomen looks, at the Bengtson Center, we customize our abdominoplasty and tummy tuck techniques to help our Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Birmingham patients safely achieve a flat, toned tummy with a defined waistline.

To speak with Dr. Bengtson about tummy tuck surgery in Michigan, request your consultation online or phone our Grand Rapids practice today at 616.588.8880.

What is an abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, commonly called tummy tuck surgery removes excess abdominal skin and fat, while tightening loose fascia and tissue that has stretched with weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or weight loss. Tummy tuck surgery gives our Grand Rapids patients a flatter, more toned abdomen. A tummy tuck in Michigan may include:

  • Correction of diastasis: This is a condition in which the abdominal fascia and muscles have become separated.
  • A horizontal incision: A full tummy tuck procedure requires a very low horizontal incision in the bikini line. The shape and length of the incision will be determined by the degree of extra skin and correction necessary.

Why might tummy tuck surgery be recommended for me?

Reshaping disproportionate curves or reducing unwanted fat and skin cannot always be attained through weight loss and exercise alone. If you have tried these strategies and still have a bulging stomach, abdominoplasty may help you reshape and tone this area. Tummy tuck /abdominoplasty surgery in Michigan can be ideal for our Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Birmingham patients who have done the workouts and lost the weight, but still cannot achieve or restore the body contours they desire.


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Dream Vectra

Who is a candidate for tummy tuck in Michigan?

Every day, women and men of various ages and from many circumstances choose to undergo abdominoplasty in Michigan. The following factors generally define good candidates for this procedure:

  • You can clearly define why you want the surgery.
  • You understand what abdominoplasty can and cannot accomplish.
  • You accept the risks of this procedure and your responsibilities as a patient.
  • You are healthy, emotionally secure, and stable.
  • You accept that you will need to make healthy lifestyle choices to maintain the results achieved by tummy tuck surgery.

What should I know about abdominoplasty surgery at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center?

  • Abdominoplasty is most commonly performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Scars are normal after surgery and may be concealed by normal clothing and lingerie.
  • Recovery from abdominoplasty may take 1 to 2 weeks, but you will be up and active the day of the surgery.
  • You will need a capable adult with you for 24 hours after surgery.
  • Afterward, you will return to your home or, for our out-of-town guests, to one of the designated hotels conveniently located a short distance from our office.
  • All surgeries carry the potential for risks that will be fully discussed with you during your consultation.
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