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Breast Center

Dr. Bengtson specializes in tissue based planning principles and techniques helping you choose implant shapes and sizes that match your individual breast and body and tailored to meet your goals. We are dedicated to achieving safe outcomes that are naturally beautiful and proportionate to your body as well as your breast. The Bengtson Center has the first and only current 3D imaging and simulation system, Canfield Vectra, that gives you the ability to see your After results...Before surgery.

Body Center

A firm body, with balanced proportions and defined curves, remains the goal of those who work hard at fitness routines and lead a healthy lifestyle. Heredity, weight fluctuations, and aging all influence your ability to achieve the body and body contours you desire. From Coolsculpting technology to SLIM laser liposuction, Dr. Bengtson offers the most up to date non-surgical and surgical fat reducing procedures to help you achieve your goals through current, safe, and effective techniques.

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Facial Center

Dr Bengtson and his team look at your face three dimensionally and offer a wide range of solutions for your skin, wrinkle lines and extra skin.  How you appear in the mirror, in a photograph and to others is defining.  Normal aging, trauma and the affects of nature result in features you may wish to enhance or change.  We address your facial appearance with the latest in safe, effective and highly individualized products, technologies and procedures that result in a natural, youthful and beautiful image of you.

Skin & Laser Center

Healthy, clear, smooth skin is the most visible part of your appearance, and it's one of the most defining elements of beauty. No matter the color, skin that's free from wrinkles, blemishes, irregular pigmentation, and other treatable imperfections helps reflect its natural beauty. Dr. Bengtson and the transforMD skin care team recognize how important the look, feel and the beauty of your skin is to you, and we will customize your skin care needs in a unique and individualized way to maintain a healthy, beautiful glow.

Men’s Center

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery is not just for women.  Whether your goals are to restore your skin, face, breast or body, we will help you move toward a more youthful, toned natural looking version of you. We understand that men are unique. You seek very specific goals with minimal fuss, less downtime, and uncomplicated regimens to look your best. We offer the latest in both surgical and non-surgical products focusing on the most common procedures men are seeking with safe effective outcomes.

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Non-Surgical Solutions

One of the most bothersome aspects of our aging skin is the development of wrinkle lines or rhytids and contour irregularities.  The most common treatments: Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm facial fillers are performed Millions of times yearly.  After just one year as a solo practioner, Dr Bengtson has achieved Black Diamond status and is now included in the top 1% of all Allergan providers in the US.  New walk-in services are now available - Come expeierince Concierge Plastic Surgery at a whole new level.