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Medical-Grade Skincare Products in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Skincare product choices abound, so it’s often confusing to know what really works, what doesn’t, and what skincare products work well together. At the Grand Rapids transforMD Skin and Laser Center, you can discover your personal best. We evaluate every product we sell based on multiple criteria:

  • aesthetic benefits
  • medical and scientific value
  • effectiveness
  • ease of use
  • compatibility with other products

Quite simply, you won’t see or purchase a skin care product in our Grand Rapids office that we haven’t tested and tried ourselves. We also offer only medical-grade products, and we refuse to carry anything that makes a false claim. Our product lines deliver results you can see and trust, and they are backed by research! Reawaken your youthful skin tone with tried-and-true, medical-grade skincare products: NeoCutis, Revision Skin Care, SkinCeuticals®, SkinMedica®, and ZO® Medical.

The transforMD Skin and Laser Center also features many skin care products unique to our Grand Rapids practice, including creams and lotions for general daily skin cleansing and protection, and specially formulated pharmaceutical-grade products designed to target individual skin types and conditions. These skincare products help many of our Grand Rapids patients see dramatic improvement in their complexion.

The Bengtson Center and transforMD Skin and Laser Center offer a wide range of treatments to complement your skincare routine and help you achieve the results you want, including Intense Pulsed Light therapy, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, BOTOX®, Latisse® eyelash enhancer, and more.

Skin Care Products Available in Grand Rapids, MI

The transforMD Skin and Laser Center features physician-grade skin care products that are specially formulated using only the best ingredients. We offer a wide range of products that support our belief that the healthiest, most beautiful skin comes from a three-pronged approach to caring for your skin:

  • Correct past damage and restore healthy skin
  • Maintain current healthy skin
  • Protect skin from future damage

This approach not only promotes healthy, rejuvenated, and more radiant skin, but also prevents unpleasant or life-threatening skin diseases from developing.


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See below for a complete list of skincare products available at our Grand Rapids office:

Contact transforMD Skincare and Laser Center to schedule a consultation with one of our medically trained, Licensed Aestheticians, who will help you incorporate the most effective products for your skin into your daily routine. Request your appointment online or phone 616.588.8880 today!

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