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Bengtson Center Mission

Our mission is to provide our patients, clients and their families with excellent service and be a leader in the art and science of aesthetics and plastic surgery.


To exceed ethical and professional privacy standards and to ensure that the confidentiality of every individual is respected at all times.


To ensure that all patients are treated with the highest possible standards regarding their personal safety throughout their entire surgical and non-surgical experience.


To treat all individuals with dignity and respect regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity.


To provide exceptional care and the highest level of personal service to our patients, their families, friends and our community.


To develop and offer state-of-the-art innovative techniques, technology and products based on the most current and safe science, data and research available.


To safely achieve optimal outcomes by practicing efficient and effective procedures with unique recovery programs to fit our patientsí goals and lifestyles while creating an aesthetically natural outcome that is restored, refined and renewed.


To be a high level training Center of Excellence for surgical and non-surgical techniques in aesthetic surgery, and provide education for current and future plastic surgeons.


To provide plastic surgical care to individuals in underserved areas of our community, nation and throughout our world.

If there is anything or any way we can improve your experience here at our Center please let us know.

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