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Jowl Treatments in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty
Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

One of the most unflattering things about the aging process, and one that many men are unhappy with, is the formation of jowls or jowling in the lower face. Jowls are fatty deposits and redundant skin that accumulate along the jawline. This layer of fatty tissue, coupled with lax, sagging skin, can give your face the appearance of being grumpy and tired, as well as making your whole face appear more aged.

Jowls are one of the most common signs of aging in mature adults, but fortunately, one that can be easily treated in order to impart a more youthful and contoured jawline. There are many options currently available for treating jowls in the lower face and restoring a more youthful face shape to take years off your facial appearance.

At Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, a state-of-the-art cosmetic medical facility located in Grand Rapids jowl treatment expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson, along with his team of aesthetic medical professionals, provide a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment options to treat jowls and other visible signs of aging in the face. Because every patient is unique, Dr. Bengtson or Dr. Alfonso design a customized treatment plan for each individual that takes into consideration your condition, your age, the type of skin you have, and other factors, to provide the results that satisfy your individual aesthetic goals. Our team of specialized aesthetic medical professionals will guide you through the preparation, as well as recovery and after-care for each procedure.

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When you are ready to make a transformation, you deserve partners on your journey who you trust deeply to deliver the results you want.

The highly experienced team at The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery is led by board-certified surgeons Dr. Brad Bengtson and Dr. David Alfonso. Our surgeons are regularly recognized by patients and colleagues alike for their commitment to innovation, compassionate patient care, and top-quality outcomes. Their work is supported by the thoughtful and passionate collaboration of the entire Bengtson team.

Dr. Bengtson - Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Brad Bengtson MD, FACS, Founder

Has consistently been named one of the Best Doctors in America® since 1996 and recognized as Best Plastic Surgeon in Grand Rapids by Grand Rapids Magazine for the last 12 years.

With over two decades of experience, he is respected for his cutting-edge techniques and compassionate patient care. In addition to his work with patients, Dr. Bengtson travels globally to share his knowledge and innovative approaches with fellow plastic surgeons. He is passionate about delivering harmonious, natural-looking results that elevate rather than alter each patient’s unique aesthetic.

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Dr. Alfonso - Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

David AlfonsoMD, FACS

Has extensive experience performing a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, with a particular passion for body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

A careful listener and passionate practitioner, he has received numerous accolades, including recognition as a RealSelf Top Doctor since 2015. He also contributes to advancing techniques in the plastic surgery community through regular publications and lectures. Dr. Alfonso is a fluent Spanish speaker, which helps him provide exceptional communication and care to a broader range of patients. 

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How Do Jowls Develop?

Jowls result from extra redundant skin and fatty deposits that settle in the lower face, along the jawline. These fatty deposits occur as we age and in combination with the natural loss of elasticity in skin tissue. Jowls are caused by the effects of gravity that cause fat to drop down from the cheeks to lower areas of the face, and combined with the effects of sagging skin caused by the natural loss of collagen in skin tissue.

Over time, this extra tissue gradually sinks to the bottom of the face and spreads across the jaw, softening the contour of the face and making it look chubbier and rounder. In men, the jowls reduce the angular appearance of the jaw, creating a look of weariness that makes individuals look fatter than they actually are. Jowls are very common in mature adults, and many of our male patients come in wanting to get rid of their jowls and restore a more youthful facial contour.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Jowl Treatment?

Jowls may be treated in a number of ways and most adult men are good candidates for at least one form of treatment.

You must be in good general health to receive injectable jowl treatments, and you must be cleared for surgery before you can undergo a surgical procedure such as a neck lift. You may be advised to suspend certain medications in preparation for your treatment.

What Treatments are Available to Get Rid of Jowls?

Fortunately, jowls may be treated in a number of ways. Many patients may successfully be able to diminish the appearance of jowls using other non-surgical treatments.

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Can Anything be Done to Prevent Jowls?

Jowls occur as a result of gravity affecting the amount of fat in the faces of adults as time passes.

Just as there is no way to stop the passage of time, there is nothing that can be done to prevent this process from happening, although some people may have more of a tendency to develop jowls at a younger age, depending on their genetic makeup. Jowls are simply a natural result of the aging process, and getting rid of them is impossible without resorting to some sort of cosmetic procedure.

Scheduling a Grand Rapids Jowl Treatment

If you live in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan, or in Detroit, Kalamazoo, Birmingham, or other nearby areas, you can find solutions for jowls at the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.

To learn more about available treatment options, and the price of jowl treatments Grand Rapids area residents are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bengtson, contact our friendly office today and talk to our knowledgeable staff about the many options we offer.

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