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CoolMini™ in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty
Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

CoolSculpting Technology for Small Pockets of Fat. Tired of seeing that double chin in the mirror and in photos? Men and women looking to get rid of their stubborn submental fat have a noninvasive choice with CoolMini, an applicator specifically designed to treat small pockets of fat.

Since the device works by removing heat energy from the targeted area, there are no injections and no scars. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson was the first to introduce CoolSculpting's new applicator called the CoolMini in West Michigan.

And they've ensured that their medical team is extensively trained in its use at the Bengtson Center. This allows them to give their patients a safe, effective, and nonsurgical opportunity to remove fat from where it isn't wanted. Specifically, the device and its focused applicators, including the CoolMini, treat fat that has stayed in place despite patients' diet and exercise efforts.

What is Stubborn Fat?

The number of fat cells an adult has is typically set, so weight loss from dieting is due to these cells physically shrinking in size, though their numbers remain the same.

Sometimes, however, fat cells refuse to shrink despite concerted efforts to tame them by changing eating habits and increasing strenuous activity. Pockets of diet-resistant cells can be found all over the body, but frequently show up on the flanks, at the abdomen, and below the chin, which is why even thinner people can have a double chin.

Grand Rapids CoolMini model

The Technology BehindCoolMini

Grand Rapids CoolMini model

The CoolMini applicator is just one way of applying the non-surgical fat-reducing power of CoolSculpting.

As an aesthetic fat removal device, it operates on the fact that fat cells will die when lowered to a certain temperature that does nothing to harm any of the surrounding non-fat tissues. Once the heat energy is removed, the cells are destroyed, ensuring that they can no longer shrink or grow. They simply no longer exist. The Bengtson Center team's extensive training with this advanced technology not only helps to provide optimal results, it allows for a comfortable and overall spa-like experience!

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To speak with a member of the Bengtson Center team about non-surgical submental fat removal via CoolMini Grand Rapids area residents are encouraged to contact our office today to schedule an appointment. Request your appointment online or phone us at 616.588.8880

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CoolMini Specifics

The CoolMini applicator is ideal for treating submental fat, but patients can use it on many places where a small amount of stubborn fat has collected. Its manufacturer, Zeltiq, suggests the main CoolSculpting device for larger deposits, such as love handles.

Other applicators, known as CoolSmooth PRO™ and CoolFit™, target the thighs. The FDA has approved CoolMini specifically for treating submental fat. Initial results can be visible in as short a time as a few weeks, though the most dramatic changes will unfold in the following three months. There is no down time necessary after our Grand Rapids CoolMini treatment sessions. Studies revealed that a 20 percent reduction in submental fat can be achieved in one to two sessions, spaced six weeks apart.

Other Options

Other Submental Fat Treatments

In addition to the CoolMini applicator, patients can choose from a variety of treatments designed to reduce a double chin.

  • Kybella is an injectable form of deoxycholic acid, which is FDA-cleared to target and destroy fat cells below the chin.
  • Liposuction can also focus on the submental area. For this procedure, your surgeon will use a cannula to suction out a small amount of fat.
  • Ultherapy does not deal with fat, but uses ultrasound energy to tighten loose skin. Sagging skin at the neck level can contribute to the unwanted appearance of a double chin.
Grand Rapids CoolMini model

Is CoolMiniEffective?

In a word: Yes! Patients who are good candidates for the treatment find that their double chin reduction gives them a slimmer, sleeker profile.

Take a look at before-and-after images to see what CoolSculpting technology can do. The Bengtson Center focuses on results, not any one particular treatment, so the team will work with you to be sure that you enjoy the procedure that will best help you achieve your aesthetic goals, whether that means a CoolMini session or another selection from our plentiful menu of services. To help with this, patients are invited to try our imaging services during their complimentary consultation. This process involves the highly trained medical team capturing a 360-degree "photo" of you, then loading that image into a program that can be manipulated to reveal what the results from CoolMini (or other treatments) could look like. It's like a preview of the new you!

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To learn more about CoolMini in Grand Rapids, contact the Bengtson Center today. Request your appointment online or phone us at 616.588.8880.

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