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Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

Harnessing Science for a Natural, Resilient Look Today

Most skincare takes months or years to work. But younger, rejuvenated skin is now just one day away thanks to RHA® fillers and the Bengtson Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (“RHA®”) Collection of dermal fillers is the latest advance in dermal smoothing therapies. The RHA® Collection is the first and only FDA-approved line of hyaluronic acid fillers for dynamic wrinkles and folds.

At the Bengtson Center in Grand Rapids RHA is now available. In fact, we were one of the first practices in West Michigan to offer this cutting-edge treatment, and our award-winning staff has been helping people from across Michigan take years off their appearance in this safe and natural-looking way. Contact the Bengtson Center to get your face back to looking young and resilient today!

What is the RHA® Collection of Fillers?

RHA® Collection fillers are formulated for reducing or eliminating lines and wrinkles in areas of the face that experience a lot of dynamic movement. Developed by Swiss scientists over decades of study and research, RHA® Collection is based on hyaluronic acid (“HA”) — a compound found naturally in the body that aids in repairing and restoring skin cells.

Anti-wrinkle treatments using injectable HA gels have been performed for years and work well, but these Swiss researchers built upon HA to discover “resilient” HA by manipulating the compound with innovative cross-linking techniques. This allows the effects of RHA® to last longer, while also providing improved, more natural-looking results. It’s truly amazing science!

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What Are the Advantages of RHA® Fillers?

Collagens, transplanted fat, and biosynthetic polymers are common options for dermal fillers. While they are all safe and effective to different degrees, some require several treatments and take months for results to appear. Others can provide immediate results, but will only last a few months.

On the other hand, RHA® Collection fillers can provide fast results that last more than a year. Because RHA® enhances all the advantages of HA, it’s the superior option in many cases. The manufacturing process for RHA® is gentle and preserves the natural structure of the HA, meaning it more accurately replicates the function of the HA naturally found in your skin.

You’ll not only see smoother, younger skin right after your treatment, but your appearance will look and feel perfectly natural. You won’t look like you’ve had work done... you’ll just look incredible!

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Am I a Candidate for RHA® Fillers?

The RHA® fillers in the RHA® Collection are an excellent option if you're seeking help with:

  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Deep smile and marionette lines around the nose and mouth
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Worry lines on the forehead
  • Facial scars including those from acne, burns, or other wounds
  • Lip borders that need redefinition
  • Depressions in the cheeks

Good candidates for RHA® Collection treatments are also in generally good health and don’t smoke. They are also determined to maintain a good skincare routine, and they also have a positive outlook and realistic goals for the outcome of their procedure.

The RHA® FillerProcedure

Each RHA® Collection filler treatment in Grand Rapids at the Bengtson Center is highly customized to each patient’s needs. During your consultation, we will listen closely to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Together, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan that’s just right for you.

When you come in for your RHA® filler treatment, you’ll be greeted by our highly professional staff and treated like family. All of our filler procedures are outpatient procedures, so you’ll be free to go home immediately following your treatment. In most cases, they take less than an hour.

First, we’ll apply a light topical anesthetic to the targeted area to minimize discomfort. Then, our injection specialist will use a needle and syringe to inject the RHA® gel into your skin. The exact procedure may vary depending on your needs, but injections are usually performed multiple times around the site to ensure even, balanced results.

If you’re uncomfortable at any time during the procedure, we’ll make adjustments to make it right. Our priority is your comfort and getting you the results you desire.

RHA® Filler Recovery & Results

Once the treatment is finished, you’ll be able to go home and rest. You may notice some slight redness or tenderness at and around the injection sites for the first day or two. A cold compress or gentle massage can be helpful with any swelling, and most patients can manage any discomfort without medication.

You will be able to resume normal activities immediately, but it’s recommended that you wait 24-48 hours before doing anything strenuous, like exercise or heavy lifting. This ensures that any bruising or swelling will be minimal.

Once your recovery is complete, your results should be readily apparent. The deep lines or wrinkles that were there before will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated. Hollow spots should be filled in, giving you a balanced, healthy glow.

RHA® Collection fillers have been clinically proven to last up to 15 months. At the Bengtson Center we strive to give you the best RHA Grand Rapids has to offer. It will always be important that you keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun and environmental damage to make sure your results last as long as possible.

Your Consultation

Schedule Your RHA® Filler Consultation With The Bengtson Center

If you’re ready to find out what wonders the most advanced dermal filler treatments could do for you, contact the Bengtson Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan today!

Our professional staff will put you at ease and book a time for you to come in and meet with one of our highly regarded and respected specialist doctors. They’ll take care of you every step of the way, and make sure you go home looking and feeling your best. No matter what condition you had treated, you can count on your Grand Rapids RHA® Collection filler treatment at the Bengtson Center to give you a younger, healthier look!

To request your consultation, you can click the “Request Consultation” link at the top of the page, or give us a call at 616.303.3866 today.

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