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Wrinkle Treatmentsin Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of life. While some are lucky enough to age gracefully over time, wrinkles can be a difficult thing to avoid for many. Thankfully, there are many incredible cosmetics, skincare treatments, and aesthetic services we offer to patients seeking to reduce or prevent wrinkles from forming or increasing over time.

With so many different options, getting a professional opinion at a facility led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson can help you understand what will best suit your needs.

The best way to reduce or treat wrinkles can vary based on placement, severity, and personal desires. We can help you develop a personalized treatment plan that delivers optimal results for you. If you are concerned about wrinkles in your skin or want to prevent them from forming in the future, visit the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery to learn more about our wide range of treatments.

Why Do Wrinkles Form?

One of the side effects of aging is changes in the skin. Wrinkles can appear with increased skin thinning and attachment of the underlying muscles to the skin. The natural production of collagen also slows down and skin becomes thin and less elastic.

Loss of hydration, moisture, and proteins in the tissues beneath the skin can lead them to become brittle, develop free radicals, and become more susceptible to damage from external factors. In addition to being an inevitable part of the aging process, wrinkles can also form from sun damage, harsh weather exposure, and lifestyle habits like smoking. Taking steps such as using preventative creams, sunscreen, and removing your makeup every day can help to prevent them, but if you already have wrinkles, cosmetic treatments might have a more lasting result.

Wrinkle Treatment Grand Rapids

Non-Surgical vs. Plastic Surgery Solutions for Wrinkles

For many patients who have mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, non-surgical treatments can be appealing thanks to their minimal downtime, fast application, and noticeable results.

Injectables, fat transfers, dermal fillers, laser treatments, Medspa applications, and even surface treatments like chemical peels and spa facials can all help to reduce or prevent wrinkles, but for those with deeper lines and furrows in their skin, they may not produce a very effective result. In these cases, plastic surgery or skin lifting treatments might be a better option.

Wrinkle Treatment Grand Rapids

How Do I Know What Wrinkle Treatment is Right for Me?

Every patient is unique, so what works for one patient may not be best for another.

This is why consultations at a high-end facility led by a board-certified plastic surgeon can make a big difference in your cosmetic experience by tailoring the best non-surgical and surgical procedures for each patient. Dr. Bengtson will provide a careful assessment of your skin and offer the options he thinks may help to improve your appearance in a concise and natural-looking way. Additionally, for a majority of patients, combining more than one treatment may be the best way to really smooth out wrinkles and target problem areas.

What Type of Wrinkle Treatments Are Available?

At the Bengtson Center in Grand Rapids, we offer extensive and customizable cosmetic treatment options to help accommodate the needs of all patients. Our services range from non-surgical, minimally-invasive solutions to plastic surgery procedures available to eligible candidates.

Some of the most popular choices among men and women in Grand Rapids include injectable treatments like Botox® and dermal fillers such as Juvéderm®. We also offer other services, such as laser skin resurfacing, THERMIsmooth® therapy, and liquid facelifts. For more moderate to severe wrinkle treatment, we offer more in-depth solutions like facial plastic surgery and skin tightening.

Ideal Candidates

Who is a Good Candidate for Wrinkle Treatments?

If you are worried about wrinkles, our facility can help you find an option that works for you. For non-surgical treatments like Botox® injections or Juvéderm® fillers, ideal candidates must be at least 18 or 21, in good general health, and have no allergies to the active ingredients.

Juvéderm® uses hyaluronic acid, which is naturally-occurring in the body already. It helps bind moisture molecules to the tissue beneath the skin and fill out and recessed areas, like wrinkles. Similarly, Restylane products such as Refyne are excellent products for superficial lines. Botox® uses a carefully diluted neurotoxin to go a step further and target the cause of wrinkles. It works by temporarily disabling the muscles beneath the skin so the area relaxes and wrinkles smooth over. For a facelift or similar procedure, patients must be cleared for surgery.

Wrinkle Treatment Grand Rapids

Consultation for Wrinkle Treatmentsin Grand Rapids

The first step towards getting wrinkle treatments in Grand Rapids, the Lakeshore, and West Michigan, or surrounding areas is to seek out a plastic surgery center that can accommodate your needs.

The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery has a wide range of aesthetic wrinkle treatments available to suit adults of all ages in varying stages of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our outstanding team.

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