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CoolSculpting® is For Faces, Not Just Flanks

Posted On: November 19, 2015

We at the Bengtson Center have been happy to offer CoolSculpting® for Michigan patients looking to eliminate isolated pockets of belly fat and love handles, and now we’ve added yet another option. The makers of CoolSculpting® recently introduced a new handpiece that targets unwanted submental fat.

We’re talking about a double chin—that unwanted layer of tissue at the neck that can make your whole face look round and flabby. The new CoolSculpting® applicator, known as the CoolMini™, is specifically designed to address small amounts of stubborn fat, reducing it by 20 percent with each treatment session.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery reported earlier in 2015 that 67 percent of adults in the United States are bothered by excess fat under their chin. Zeltiq Aesthetics, maker of CoolSculpting®, reports that more than 7 million people want to do something about it, but want that solution to be non-invasive—meaning no incisions, as with liposuction.

The process works by lowering targeted fat cells’ temperature until they die off, to be flushed out from the body and never return. Nearby tissues have a different biological makeup and aren’t as impacted by the cooling process. With CoolSculpting®, your fat is the only thing that’s damaged by the cold.

The CoolMini™ is FDA approved and ideal for submental fat, while the larger versions of the device can treat the flanks, abdomen, and thighs.

We also offer other options for getting rid of a double chin. Our team can help patients explore the ultrasound-based Ultherapy® and the injectable Kybella®, comparing them to each other and CoolSculpting® to determine which would work best in each unique case.

Talk with the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery team about CoolSculpting® in Michigan. For more information, call (616) 588-8880 or 1-877-822-8880. You can also arrange for a consultation online.

Written by Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery


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