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Ever Wish You Could Swipe Left on Signs of Aging?

Posted On: October 5, 2017

You may be able to hide the effects of your Sunday Funday come Monday morning, but there’s only so much that cover-up can do. Eventually, wrinkles will catch up with you if you don’t take care of your skin—which is why you shouldn’t plan on disguising signs of aging, but should hold them off in the first place.

These days, considering the abundance of reliable, cutting-edge treatments available for men and women seeking a younger look, smoothing out wrinkles with BOTOX® and other nonsurgical options is practically a given—especially when sessions are handled by Master Injectors, like the team at the Bengtson Center in Grand Rapids. BOTOX® is a part of our daily life in the United States, where it has gone from headline-making novelty to household name.

That said, the fact that BOTOX® reduces existing frown lines and crow’s feet can sometimes overshadow the idea of using it to ward off wrinkles from initially forming (at least as soon and as severe as they do). When you’re in your 20s, you might not be looking at a lined forehead in your profile pic and wondering what you can do about it—but that doesn’t mean your skin is immune to changes. Already at that age, valuable components (like collagen and hyaluronic acid) are breaking down and starting to dwindle. You’re also now well into a couple decades of making expressions, contracting the exact same muscles over and over again with every eyebrow lifted and brow furrowed.

Preventative BOTOX® is one strategy for keeping skin young looking. By relaxing key muscles before wrinkles form, injections can help to preserve a relaxed forehead and “train” the area to sit at rest instead of creasing into a series of horizontal lines.

The reality of time and aging is that we’ll all get wrinkles sooner or later, but taking action to combat wrinkles before they make themselves known visibly can keep the clock from ticking quite so loudly. Given the choice between starting to show frown lines sooner or later, which would you pick?

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