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Get to Know: Aesthetic Expert Roxanne Cornelius, PA-C

Posted On: August 30, 2016

Roxanne - Injector - No CoatThat “X” in the middle of Board-Certified Physician Assistant Roxanne Cornelius’s name seems to influence everything she does at the Bengtson Center. She regularly draws on her experience and expertise to exceed patients’ expectations—all to turn their cosmetic problems into ex-problems.

Can you see why we are so excited to have her on the team?

Patients are, too, thanks to her compassionate, gentle approach to minimally invasive procedures, as well as her ever-growing library of knowledge on all things laser and injectable, from Kybella® to BOTOX®. Grand Rapids, Michigan, men and women seeking to smooth away wrinkles or lose that pesky double chin know her as the woman with an eye for rejuvenating detail who can help them age gracefully.

I find that the best way to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals is to get to know them and their desires,” she said. “We want the outside to reflect what’s on the inside.”

Industry professionals, on the other hand (we’re talking nurses, doctors, and more), know her as a leader in the field who provides aesthetic training to help them improve their own methods. The world may very well be a more beautiful place thanks to Roxanne, as she teaches others the top-tier techniques employed every day at the Bengtson Center,

She has worked as a physician assistant for 18 years—more than 12 of them as an aesthetic PA. Among the many highlights of her career was an invitation to BOTOX® manufacturer Allergan’s world headquarters, bringing together 25 top injectors from around the country to provide input on best practices.

“I may teach others how to work with injectables, but I never stop learning, either,” Roxanne said. “I’m committed to continuing education, because as aesthetic medicine advances, so should our techniques and methods. We should always be striving to give our patients the best care available so they can have the best outcomes possible and show their best selves to the world.”

Dr. Brad Bengston says that he enjoys working with someone he can trust to give patients the level of quality care and service they’ve come to expect from the center that bears his name.

We just call her excellent!

Written by Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery


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