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Want Your Skin to Glisten and Glow this Winter?

Posted On: February 1, 2018

In the middle of winter, the darkest season of the year, we turn to the warm glimmer of comforting lights—but candles and bulbs aren’t the only things that can give off a beautiful glow when we need it for a pick-me-up. Skin that has become dull or discolored over time can regain a youthful luster with skin rejuvenation at Grand Rapids’ Bengtson Center.

Throughout these coldest months of long nights and short days, the center is welcoming women and men who want their skin to have a brighter shine. Anyone who asks can learn about the range of skin rejuvenation treatments available, including the lifting, tightening, and brightening power of Ultherapy. Using ultrasound energy, this treatment revives collagen and elastin in the skin.

Think of it like plugging in a brighter light and flipping the switch!

We also offer HydraFacial with new ZO Booster treatments. In particular, HydraFacial Brightalive® specifically works to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration by cleansing away oil and dead skin, extracting debris from pores, and hydrating the dry areas.

We’ve seen patients glow after this treatment—maybe not literally, but close enough.

Guests at the center can also choose microneedling, which makes tiny channels in the skin to do two things: trigger fresh collagen production and improve absorption of beneficial solutions and serums.

No matter the treatment you choose, the goal is the same: skin that glistens with a youthful shine and glows with an inner beauty.

Learn more about the treatments available at the Bengtson Center, or simply schedule a visit. Call 616.588.8880 or contact us online.

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