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We’re Seeing a Pattern: Cellfina™ Gets Another Award

Posted On: June 8, 2016

Women love Cellfina™ for its incredibly effective cellulite-smoothing ability, and we at the Bengtson Center love to share its amazing results with anyone and everyone. Given that the awards keep coming for the innovative Cellfina™, our Michigan team won’t get a break from singing its praises anytime soon.

In May, Cellfina™ maker Merz announced that Good Housekeeping Magazine bestowed an honor on the system, naming it the Best Body Solution in the 2016 round of the annual awards.

Cellfina™ was first officially welcomed into the world of aesthetics in August 2015, when the FDA approved it for use on adult women’s buttocks and thighs, where cellulite tends to lurk. Dr. Brad Bengtson immediately recognized the treatment’s effectiveness and appeal, given its minimally invasive nature and stellar patient satisfaction rate: 96 percent at two years. That means women who bid a less-than-fond farewell to their cellulite during a session that lasts mere minutes are still enjoying their un-dimpled results.

Always leading the pack, the Bengtson Center was the first practice in Michigan to offer Cellfina™ to its patients, giving them an easy solution to the widespread problem of cellulite. Our patients were quick to notice its benefits, too, just as others were quick to notice a growing abundance of smooth legs and thighs. But since it involves no incisions and leaves no scars, others will never know that a simple device is behind the long-term results.

The vice president of Merz said they were honored by the award, which recognizes innovation and advancement. Cellfina™ certainly fits the bill.

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Written by Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery


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