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Cellulite Removal in Michigan

Cellfina® Smooth

Finally, a treatment for cellulite that actually works! After the August 2015 FDA approval of the cellulite-removal treatment Cellfina®, Michigan's Bengtson Center became the first practice in Michigan to offer it to patients looking to reduce the lumpy, dimpled, cottage cheese look caused by cellulite on their thighs, buttocks, and lower extremities.

No more lotions and potions! Cellfina® is not a cream or an injection. It's a brand new minimally invasive mechanical device that quickly and easily gets to the source of skin puckering, delivering results that are noticeable within days and that last. It functions by selectively dividing the bands that cause the traction dimpling, waves, and creases in the buttock and upper thigh. This is great news for all adults, since even though women experience cellulite more than men, no one is immune, Now, anyone who's ever avoided showing more skin because of the aesthetic headache of cellulite can feel the sun on their thighs and elsewhere, confidently wearing outfits that don't cover up what was once a source of embarrassment.

How Does Cellfina® Work?

To understand how this device operates, it's important to first understand how cellulite forms. The area just below the surface of our skin is a complex web of tissues, fat cells, and bands and tethers that help hold the tissues together, preventing excessive skin motion. Some of those underlying components interact in ways that create aesthetic problems for the overlying skin above, producing dents. Cellulite appears when fat cells and particular strands of connective tissue known as septae together create tension that pulls down a small area of skin, creating a dimple.

Cellfina® is an in-office procedure that cuts the areas that are under tension, releasing the skin above. No longer forced to be pulled into a pucker, the skin smooths out, creating a dimple-free look.

Cellfina Teatment After One Year
Results after one Cellfina® treatment after one year. Unretouched photos
Cellfina Teatment After One Year
Results after one Cellfina® treatment after one year. Unretouched photos

*Patient results may vary.

Cellfina® for Cellulite - at the Bengtson Center, Grand Rapids, MI

*Results may vary from person to person.

How Is Cellfina® Different From Other Cellulite Removal Methods?

Severing the cellulite-causing sources of tension beneath the skin is not a new treatment idea, but Cellfina® is the first FDA-approved minimally invasive method with long-term results. Historically, doctors would cut into the skin with a scalpel or use a laser to slice these septal bands.

The device uses a very small microblade, keeping bleeding, complications, and post-treatment recovery times to a minimum. A local anesthetic, as well as a patented vacuum-assisted tissue-release process, provides the patient with as much comfort as possible, with minimal downtime and pain.

Cellfina® Results

A treatment with Cellfina® is quick. A session dedicated to a dozen or more dimples on the buttocks and thighs takes about an hour. Patients may report tenderness or possibly some bruising in the treated area following their cellulite removal session, but that will soon subside, with a return to activity the following day. The first signs of results may be visible as soon as three days after receiving a treatment, though the targeted area continues to improve over the coming weeks, with the optimal aesthetic benefits visible within a few months.

Clinical studies revealed that the benefits last for at least two years, which is how long they have been studied. They essentially appear to be long lasting, leading to significant long-term patient satisfaction. In fact, the treatment has an amazing 94 percent patient satisfaction rate!

Fat Transfer in Conjunction with Cellfina®

Some patients will have significant contour irregularities or deep indentations in conjunction with their cellulite. Fat transfer may also be performed simultaneously in patients with either extra areas of fat or deeper indentations, and the results can be even better than Cellfina® alone.





More Than Cellfina® for Cellulite

There are dimple-smoothing options beyond Cellfina®. Talk to our professional staff to learn about additional treatments available, as well as the expected duration of their results. Possibilities include Ulthera®, dermal fillers, and laser treatments, although Cellfina® is poised to become the gold standard.

Still have questions? Review the Cellfina® Fact Sheet, or email us your questions directly.

  • To speak with a member of the Bengtson Center team about Cellfina® in Michigan, contact our Grand Rapids office today to schedule an appointment. Request your consultation online, or phone us at 616.588.8880 to set up a consultation with Dr. Brad Bengtson or Dr. David Alfonso.
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