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When it comes to reaching your body contouring goals, fat reduction is only one piece of the sculpting puzzle! For a truly toned physique, you should also focus on taut and firm skin and visible underlying muscles. For patients who want to take their body sculpting to the next level‐without surgery, injections, or downtime‐the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery provides CoolTone in Grand Rapids.

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to get the lean, sculpted look we want. Even with low-calorie meals and a workout routine packed with sit-ups and squats, a diet-resistant belly and lower body areas can remain particular trouble spots for many people. That's because you can do all the right things‐like staying active, exercising regularly, and watching your weight‐but may still struggle to achieve your desired body shape. CoolTone can give you the edge you're looking for.

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What Is CoolTone?

It's no secret that having sculpted muscles in the right areas can make you look slimmer and can even help with posture and improve your metabolism! CoolTone is industry pioneer Allergan's cutting-edge body-contouring device cleared by the FDA for stimulating muscles and improving tone in the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. It is now being used in cosmetic practices across the country.

Since fat reduction alone is often not enough to generate desired contours, CoolTone serves as a way to effectively build healthy muscle. The treatment works best for men and women who need just a little extra "push" to get them to the next level in toning their torso or firming up their buttocks and thighs.

How Does CoolTone Work?

How CoolTone™ works

The CoolTone treatment utilizes magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to penetrate muscles with high-frequency electromagnetic energy and encourage involuntary "superphysiological" contractions. That means the muscles will be flexing extremely rapidly‐like an incredibly intense workout without the actual sit-ups. In fact, there's no way to replicate the intensity of these contractions on your own at home or in the gym.

The goal is to build muscle mass and strength in such a way that would be impossible otherwise, even with thousands of repetitions. Women and men who choose CoolTone often feel stronger right away as a result.

The CoolTone session itself is brief, and patients can go back to their normal activities right away‐often reporting that they feel like they just blasted through an incredible workout session. While one treatment is enough to start generating results, some patients require multiple treatments to get the best possible outcome, depending on the treatment area. To preserve CoolTone results for as long as possible, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy foods, keep up the exercise, and live well!

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How Does Muscle Growth Happen?

Skeletal muscles (one of the three major muscle groups in the body) are connected to bones, which allow you to move parts of your body at will. These muscles can grow weaker due to inactivity or grow stronger with intense exercise, such as weight training. Such activities cause localized trauma to the muscles, which is why it's common to feel sore after an intense workout.

To repair this trauma, the body sends specialized cells to the site of the "injury" so they can make repairs. In a process known as "hypertrophy," new protein strands are created to replace the damaged ones. The new strands make the muscles themselves larger and stronger.

CoolTone is an alternative way to kick-start hypertrophy for muscle growth. Like intense exercise, it causes trauma to muscles, leading to an increase in size and strength.

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolTone?

CoolTone, like all forms of nonsurgical body contouring, is well suited for adults who are in a good state of overall health, close to their ideal weight, and simply have a few problem areas they want to address. The best candidates for CoolTone are those who are already trim, but are looking for a little extra help to improve muscle definition.

Does CoolTone Work With CoolSculpting®?

CoolTone manufacturer Allergan is also the maker of CoolSculpting®, which targets areas all over the body for nonsurgical fat reduction to create slimmer and more balanced body proportions. While CoolTone stimulates muscles to build strength and volume, CoolSculpting® targets fat cells to crystallize them so they are gradually broken down, absorbed, and eliminated by the body. The surrounding skin and tissues are unharmed and ideally draw in around the leaner contours. When used together, the two treatments can reduce the fat that covers abdominal muscles and strengthen the muscles themselves.

Despite what its name might suggest, as well as its relationship to CoolSculpting®, there is no "cooling" involved in CoolTone.

More Body Contouring Options

For optimal body contouring results, many patients find a look they love by combining various procedures to target the three necessary components: muscle, fat, and skin.

CoolTone is ideal for improving the look of targeted muscles, while CoolSculpting® is a popular choice for fat reduction. The Bengtson Center also offers Kybella® injections for slimming a double chin, as well as surgical liposuction for more dramatic results all over the body.

Loose skin that hides strong muscle can tighten with help from THERMItight® or Ultherapy®. In cases where a significant amount of skin laxity causes a flabby look, surgery‐such as a tummy tuck or Brazilian butt lift‐can help.

Our Master Medical Aestheticians and Clinical Providers can work with you, starting at a personalized consultation, to figure out which options would best sculpt your physique for the lean and toned look you want!

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