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Why Choose the Bengston Center for Liposuction?

Meet Our Grand Rapids Expert in Fat Reduction

Patients regularly choose the Bengtson Center out of the crowd for their liposuction needs in Grand Rapids. Sure, a lot of practices offer the procedure, but there's a difference between simply doing it and truly excelling in it.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Bengtson's qualifications and the efforts our entire team makes to stand apart.

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Liposuction Techniques

While standard liposuction is still quite effective, constant advances have refined the surgery to reduce procedure and recovery times and improve safety and results. Much of the advancement has focused on preparing fat for removal, since the unwanted cells have to be treated in some way prior to the application of suction. Fat does not easily detach on its own for removal, so doctors have long used physical force to get the job done, moving a wand back and forth to loosen it.

The liquefied fat can be easily removed with a standard cannula, yielding results expected of typical liposuction but with even more benefits in terms of time saved and discomfort avoided.

A Total-Body Vision

Liposuction may focus on one very specific area of the body, whether the abdomen or chin, but Dr. Bengtson looks at the whole body when helping patients determine how best to get their desired look. Every part should harmonize and complement every other part, leading to an overall balanced and beautiful appearance.

Lipo alone will deliver that result for some patients, while others may want to incorporate the surgery into a larger, more comprehensive makeover. The choice is yours.

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