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ThermiTight® in Grand Rapids

Don't Let Your Skin Hang Loose

Tight skin keeps you looking slim and young. The looseness that comes with aging as internal structures break down and tissues relax is a major factor in an older, flabbier appearance. Over time, well-defined contours can soften and sag, leading to turkey neck, wrinkles, and drooping from your face to your legs. But the problem is not a permanent one! ThermiTight® at Grand Rapids' Bengtson Center is a treatment that sends a precise amount of heat into targeted tissue to start the tightening process, helped along by wraps applied after the device is finished with its work.

After subdermal tissues are heated, they begin to firm up, pulling loose skin closer to the body to create sleeker contours once again. ThermiTight® can be used on the neck, the breasts, the arms, the abdomen, the thighs, and the knees. Though the treatment is powerful, it's also gentle enough to not require any significant recuperation time. You can return to your typical daily activities as soon as the next day.

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