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THERMItight® in Grand Rapids

Don't Let Your Skin Hang Loose

Here's a truth about getting older: If you've got it, it can sag. It's not just your face. The skin on just about everything below—from your neck to your breasts to your legs—can loosen and droop over time as the components of healthy skin break down and tissues relax, leading to an older, flabbier appearance. But the problem is not a permanent one! THERMItight® at Grand Rapids' Bengtson Center is a treatment that sends a precise amount of heat into targeted tissue to start the tightening process, helped along by wraps applied after the device is finished with its work. +Read More...

The key to this more youthful look is radiofrequency energy delivered deep beneath the skin, where it triggers collagen production and tightens connective tissue, among other benefits. Fresh collagen from a THERMItight® treatment boosts skin health and hydration, while shrinking connective tissues pulls the skin tighter overall for a more streamlined look.

Why Consider the Bengtson Center for THERMItight® in Michigan?

Members of the Bengtson Center team of Aesthetic Experts are specially trained in THERMItight®. This advanced and sophisticated skin treatment is part of the Thermi line that also includes devices designed specifically for rejuvenating the face and body in general (THERMIsmooth®) and a woman's most intimate area (THERMIva®). +Read More...

By applying their focused experience with radiofrequency energy—and THERMItight® in particular—our Aesthetic Experts are able to provide you with a customized experience and uniquely personal results. Each expert is selected and overseen by Bengtson Center founder and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson, so you can rely on his foundation of a commitment to a comfortable experience, patient safety, and beautiful results.

To have a private consultation with one of our Aesthetic Experts about THERMItight® in Grand Rapids, Michigan, contact the Bengtson Center today: Request your appointment online or phone 616.588.8880.

It's time to tighten up

How Does THERMItight® Work?

Youthful skin appears smooth and tight because it full of collagen, which provides a sturdy, yet flexible structure that holds tissues in place and provides a framework for moisture-loving hyaluronic acid. Connective tissues beneath the surface are compact, which keeps skin hugging close to body contours. +Read More...

The human body is constantly replacing collagen that breaks down naturally or is damaged by sun exposure, but this natural turnover drastically slows as you age. That means collagen eventually leaves the skin much faster than it can be replaced. When this happens, structural support loosens, allowing tissues to slide downward as they are pulled by the gravity they have successfully resisted for years.

THERMItight® counters this breakdown without the need for incisions or surgery. The thin RF delivery device slides easily into the skin, similar to a needle for an injection. Once inside, it is activated to release radiofrequency energy. When deployed at key points where skin is sagging, the energy from THERMItight® is absorbed as heat.

After subdermal tissues are heated, they begin to firm up, pulling loose skin closer to the body to create sleeker contours once again.

Who Is a Good Candidate for THERMItight® in Grand Rapids?

Since sagging can impact both women and men, it is an ideal treatment for anyone with loose skin on their neck, chest, arms, abdomen, thighs, and knees. Though the treatment is powerful, it's also gentle enough to not require any significant recuperation time. You can return to your typical daily activities as soon as the next day.

What Else Should I Know About THERMItight®?

  • A single treatment is enough to generate visible results that can last for a year or longer
  • Each THERMItight® treatment is followed by a gentle wrap for compression
  • Down time is minimal, with many patients returning to their typical daily schedule the day after a treatment session
  • Expected side effects include some swelling, redness, and bruising, which should all go away on their own within hours to days
  • Understand that any treatment involves some amount of risk, which you can learn more about during your THERMItight® consultation

What Complements a THERMItight® Treatment?

Collagen loss can cause more cosmetic problems than sagging on the neck and body. When coupled with a shift or loss of facial fat, it can change facial contours. Juvederm Voluma® XC is an injectable filler based on hyaluronic acid, which adds volume to the midface area for a more youthful look. Other injectables in the Juvederm® line include Restylane® for softening lines and folds that form in the mouth and nose area. +Read More...

Wrinkles that appear on the forehead and next to the eyes due to repetitive muscle contractions can be addressed by BOTOX® Cosmetic, which puts the muscles at rest. No contractions means smoother-looking skin.

The Bengston Center's Aesthetic Experts can assess your face and body to help you decide what aspects of your skin—from wrinkles to sagging—you would like to address and how. Find out how a customized plan, including THERMItight®, can make a difference.

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