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Male Breast Reduction in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Say Goodbye to "Man Boobs"

Board-certified Michigan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson performs gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, for his Grand Rapids, Birmingham, and Detroit patients who feel self-conscious about their "man boobs" and are ready to do something about it. The American image of an ideal male chest is fit, firm, and masculine, revealing the underlying muscle definition. Unfortunately, some men have excess male breast and fatty tissue, which can be embarrassing and difficult to disguise. If you're uncomfortable showing your chest, male breast reduction at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center might be right for you.

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What Causes Male Breasts to Develop?

If you're dealing with this problem, don't think that you're alone! Male breast development is not uncommon, and it can impact guys at just about any stage of life. Since breast tissue growth depends on hormones, gynecomastia most typically occurs at times when testosterone and estrogen balances are changing. This means babies can develop breast tissue, as can adolescent boys going through puberty. In many cases, the enlarged breasts will ultimately reduce on their own as hormone levels settle into balance, making male breast reduction surgery unnecessary for young men. Men older than 50 also experience hormone fluctuations that can lead to breast development. The Mayo Clinic estimates that roughly one in four men in the 50-to-69 age range will develop breasts to some degree.

Since these breasts are formed by actual breast tissue, specific male breast reduction surgery is an effective solution. Dr. Bengtson will remove glandular tissue as necessary, taking care to make any incisions and their resulting scars as unobtrusive as possible. Some men may have also excess fat contributing to the look of breasts, so liposuction may be a part of the male breast reduction procedure.

A consultation with Dr. Bengtson will allow him to discover the nature of the breasts that have developed and determine the best option for male breast reduction, whether that's gynecomastia surgery or a combination of gynecomastia surgery and liposuction. In some cases, fat alone will be the culprit behind creating the appearance of breasts, so its removal will result in a flatter chest.

In some cases, men who were previously significantly overweight but who lost a good deal of fat may find that the skin on their chest is unable to tighten and conform to the new, sleeker contours. The resulting sagging can create the look of breasts. In these cases, “male breast reduction surgery” would actually involve removal of the excess skin.

Men Breast Reduction

Dr. Bengtson understands how men feel about their bodies and the special concerns they have for approaching surgical solutions. Whether through liposuction alone or with additional male breast reduction surgery techniques, he can help you restore confidence in your appearance. In addition, you might be a candidate for CoolSculpting®, a non-surgical fat reduction system that can be used to treat male breast enlargement in Michigan. Dr. Bengtson will explain this option during your initial male breast reduction surgery consultation and help you determine whether this non-surgical approach would be right for you.

If you're tired of hiding under baggy shirts, male breast reduction at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center can help you achieve a more masculine, firm, fit-looking chest so that you feel confident enough to take your shirt off.

Male Nipple Reduction

The hormone shifts that trigger male breast development may also be marked by a large nipple diameter, which may accompany large male breasts or be present by itself. Dr. Bengtson has defined and modified surgical techniques in Michigan to reduce the diameter and projection of the nipple with minimal visible scarring. If you believe you would benefit from male nipple reduction or male breast reduction and would like to learn more, contact Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bengtson today.

More Procedures for Men

Guys who enjoy the benefits of male breast reduction surgery may also want to tackle other problem areas. An area of the body commonly targeted for cosmetic changes is the neck area, including the chin and jawline. There, Kybella® injections can destroy the fat cells that make up a double chin, while skin-tightening ThermiTight® and Ultherapy® treatments can correct laxity to reveal more defined and angular contours on the lower face.

Laser hair reduction is available for anyone who wants their bare skin to be smooth without the need for repeated shaves or other hair removal methods. This may be just the thing for showing off a chest contoured by male breast reduction surgery!

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