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Nipple Reduction

Address Overly Large Nipples and Areolas in Grand Rapids

Because a large, dark areola stands out against light skin, and because large nipples can be visible even through clothing—especially when they are erect—patients who want these prominent parts of their chest to be less obvious can choose nipple reduction at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center.

Men and women alike visit Dr. Brad Bengtson to discuss this surgery, often with a goal of being able to enjoy wearing light-colored or thin clothing without having to worry about other people being able to spot overly large nipples or areolas through their shirt or top. Men who want the surgery frequently say they are embarrassed to go shirtless, while women often combine nipple reduction with a breast reduction that reduces the volume of overly large breasts.

The surgery itself involves tiny incisions and small amounts of tissue removed, but these small amounts can make a big difference. Dr. Bengtson uses techniques developed with an aim to preserve nipple sensitivity and sensation. The procedure is quick—just about an hour—and requires only local anesthetic, so you can get back to your typical daily activities right away!

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