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Breast correction-Patient #8824 Frontal Before
Breast correction-Patient #8824 Frontal After
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This 44 year old patient from just outside Grand Rapids, sought out an enhancement of her prior breast augmentation from another plastic surgeon.  Approximately 25% of Dr. Bengtson’s breast surgery is in patients who have had one or more prior surgeries from other plastic surgeons.  Dr. Bengtson removed her asymmetric saline implants and placed new slightly larger 339cc silicone gel implants and corrected her fold malposition where her breast attached to her chest and supported her fold repair with a scaffold to hold up and maintain her result.  Here is her result at 2 years following surgery with an improvement of her breast shape, implant and fold position.

"I have been very pleased with everyone here at the Bengtson Center. I am especially pleased with my result following my last surgery. Thank you so much!"

Result may vary from person to person.

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