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Breast Reduction-Patient #2138

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Breast Reduction-Patient #2138 Frontal Before
Breast Reduction-Patient #2138 Frontal After
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This 5’3”, 152 pound 58 year-old grand rapids woman underwent a breast reduction with removal of just over 600 grams per breast shown here two years following surgery.

At the Bengtson Center we have modified the approach to decrease complications and increase the speed of recovery by incorporating some Liposuction techniques and placing tumescent fluid into the tissues which dramatically reduces the bleeding and thus swelling and pain which decreases the recovery time.  In addition, we no longer use drains and all of the sutures dissolve so no stitches need to be removed.  We also use an advanced barbed suture that locks the skin and tissues together tightly which improves the quality of the scars. 

The patient went from a 36DD to a 36C.  She commented that she was ecstatic with her results and the entire process and professionalism of the practice.

Result may vary from person to person.

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