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Breast Reduction-Patient #5066

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Breast Reduction-Patient #5066 Frontal Before
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This 43 year-old woman was seeking a breast reduction from a michigan board certified plastic surgeon.  Dr. Brad Bengtson performed her reduction procedure removing approximately 600 grams of breast tissue bilaterally.  She had medial displacement of her nipples pre-operatively and she and Dr. Bengtson agreed that they be brought up and out slightly to re-centralize the nipples back over the breast.  She is doing extremely well 4 years after surgery and is very happy with her new shape and nipple position. 

Breast reduction addresses all of the symptoms of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and grooving and along with the reduction of volume also lifts the breasts.  These procedures are a win-win for patients with marked improvement of symptoms from the reduced breast weight and improved cosmetic appearance.

Result may vary from person to person.

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