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Breast Reduction-Patient#12237

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Breast Reduction-Patient#12237 Frontal Before
Breast Reduction-Patient#12237 Frontal After
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This 21 year-old woman consulted with the Bengtson Center because of her concerns with heavy, drooping breasts and large nipple-areolar.  She underwent a bilateral breast lift with a Breast Reduction and correction of the size and asymmetry of her areolas. 

Dr. Bengtson removed 700 grams from her right side and 500 grams from the left to both reduce her symptoms and to greatly improve her symmetry and cosmetic appearance.

Breasts are always different both before and after surgery, “They are sisters-not twins!” and you can see the improvement in shape and symmetry following surgery.  She is extremely pleased with her result and is able to be much more active.  She wanted to retain some significant fullness post-operatively and it’s important not to make a patient too small with surgery and also leave room for weight-loss that may also reduce her overall breast volume.

Result may vary from person to person.

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