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Breast Reduction-Patient#12368

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Breast Reduction-Patient#12368 Frontal Before
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This patient is a 30 year-old, 5’4” 180 pound young lady with no prior children.  She is two years out from a breast reduction with removal of approximately 700 grams per breast.

We did a large study a number of years ago which showed the vast majority of patients undergoing breast reduction with the method we use could still breast feed after surgery, because we maintain the central ducts of the breast that are responsible for milk production. 

She is very pleased with her outcome and stated the following: “I couldn’t be more pleased. The surgery has really alleviated stress on my back. I am able to get back into the gym without feeling like I am being stared at and it is really nice to be able to buy cute bras that actually fit again.”

Result may vary from person to person.

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