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Unhappy with the way her breasts had changed after multiple pregnancies, this 56 year old mother of three wanted to restore her breasts with an augmentation-mastopexy lift.  She sought out Grand Rapids Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brad Bengtson who specializes in breast augmentation and lifts as well as internal support of the breast. 

Her breast 270 cc silicone gel implants were inserted sub-muscular pocket to help create a breast with a natural appearance and upper pole slope.  Along with the breast lift, an internal bio absorbable protein scaffold was placed as an internal bra or hammock to help support and hold the breast up in position on her chest.  Dr. Bengtson has one of the largest worldwide experiences using scaffolds and tissues to support the breasts in breast reduction and aug-masto surgery to help maintain the result.  After her procedure, this patient’s breasts looked more youthful and perky, sitting at a higher position on her chest and appearing fuller than before.  She stated she was very happy with her surgery, recovery and the outcome of it all and that she recommends Dr. Bengtson to all of her friends and family members.

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