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Breast Lift-Patient #12672 Frontal Before
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53 year old mother of three having breast fed all of her children, was tired of her droopy, deflated breasts. She was seeking a plastic surgeon who could restore her breasts to her pre pregnancy perkiness. 

Dr. Brad Bengtson recommended she receive a breast lift with an augmentation.  He performed the augmentation and lift simultaneously using Allergan silicone gel, lower profile breast implants to achieve her upper pole fullness along with a mastopexy, breast lift.  Secondary to preoperative minor asymmetry, Dr. Bengtson often augments with different volumes and profiles of implants, as he says, “Breasts are often sisters not twins!”  The right side was augmented using a 210 cc gel implant and a 240 cc implant on the left.  The patient is happy with her re-established more perky pre-pregnancy results.

Result may vary from person to person.

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