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Facial rejuvenation surgery has dramatically changed in the past 5 years in Dr. Bengtson's practice.  We have modified the incisions to go beneath the sideburn and inside the ear and then behind the ear crease and just in front the hairline. This has decreased the hair loss and step-offs we used to see when incisions are placed in the scalp. Next we have stolen some techniques from liposuction that places anesthetic solution and also epinephrine which dramatically decreases the bleeding and bruising.  We next lift the SMAS which is the deep structure covering the muscles of the face elevating them separately from the skin.  This creates a very natural result immediately because there is no load on the skin and the skin is not required to hold or lift up the structures of the face. Surgeons that do not use these more advanced, deeper techniques tend to overtighten the skin which creates an overdone, overtightened impression versus more natural looking results.

This 60 year-old underwent a full Facelit procedure with upper lid eyelid lift and facial fillers to her facial folds and fine lines around the lips.  She is now 2 years out from surgery with marked improvement of her neck and jowling and creation of a more youthful round/oval facial contour. She looks 15 years younger but still has a natural appearance. 

Result may vary from person to person.

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