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PRO-NOX® Pain Management System

Control Your Own Comfort at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center

The Bengtson Center's Aesthetic Experts are highly trained and experienced to make injectable treatments as comfortable and relaxing as possible, but the reality is that some people do not like the feeling of needles, no matter who is wielding them. For patients who want extra help when dealing with treatment-associated pain or anxiety, there is PRO-NOX®. Plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson brought the pain management system to his Grand Rapids practice, where women and men can choose from a variety of injections, including BOTOX® Cosmetic for relaxing muscle-created wrinkles, Juverderm® or other fillers for addressing volume loss, Ultherapy® for tightening skin, and Kybella® to reduce the fat cells that make up a double chin.

The PRO-NOX® pain management system uses nitrous oxide—a mix of 50 percent nitrogen and 50 percent oxygen—delivered quickly to you through a tube that you control. Your comfort is in your hands. The ratio is one that medical professionals have been using for years to help with childbirth. After it is inhaled, the gas works fast, generally within seconds, to dull sensation. Once the treatment is done and you stop using PRO-NOX®, the anesthetic quickly leaves your system, freeing you to drive yourself home or accomplish other desired activities in a matter of minutes, all without the lingering chemical feelings associated with other pain-management solutions.

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