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Nordlys Ellipse® Hybrid Laserin Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty Best Plastic Surgeon 2021 - Grand Rapids Magazine Castle Connolly Top Doctor Realself Top 100 New Beauty

Transform the Skin You're In! If you're like most patients, you don’t have just one thing that concerns you about your skin. There may be some sun spots, annoying and persistent hairs, and a bunch of distracting, noticeable veins, diffuse redness, active acne, or scarring. For anyone seeking a solution to any number of cosmetic problems, we would like to introduce you to the new Nordlys Ellipse®.

Grand Rapids’ Bengtson Center added the device to its vast selection of new technologies because it can do so much—and it does it all so well.

Skin is complex and complicated, with plenty of variations and irregularities that occur on every single person, with each of us bringing unique challenges and concerns. Nordlys® is a hybrid light-based/laser treatment system that simplifies the situation, using focused energy to clear away everything from red spots to acne.

How Does Nordlys® Work?

Nordlys® sends very specific wavelengths of light into the skin, with the operator customizing the beam to the desired treatment.

A sophisticated control system ensures that each patient receives the ideal amount of energy to quickly and effectively treat a particular problem. Using up to 85% less energy, this achieves better results because of more focused wavelengths and automatic adjustments guided by the skin expert attuned to your unique needs, helping to minimize side effects and maximize results.

Nordlys Ellipse Hybrid Laser Grand Rapids
Nordlys Ellipse Hybrid Laser Grand Rapids

New Nordlys® Ellipse Hybrid Laser

Designed to treat all of your skin concerns:

  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Hair Removal
  • Photojuvenation
  • Nail fungus and warts
  • Blood vessels around the eyes
  • Port wine stains and birthmarks
  • Redness and brown pigmentation
  • Persistent leg veins and matting
  • Fine facial wrinkling and surface irregularity

Nordlys® Specifics

The FDA has cleared Nordlys® for 15 different treatments, including very resistant and difficult patient concerns such as fine lines and warts. Among its many additional uses are applications for:

  • clearing up acne
  • photo rejuvenation
  • long-term hair reduction
  • reducing pigmented and vascular lesions

Pigmented and Vascular Lesions

Freckles, birthmarks, sunspots, and small collections of visible red vessels and brown pigmented spots are all amenable to the Nordlys® treatment.

The light energy destroys unwanted pigmentation that makes up benign, non-cancerous lesions, as well as collapses the walls of those pesky spider veins on the side of your nose, cheeks, and chin.

For vein treatment, patients may need to complete anywhere from one to four treatments spaced a month apart. These smaller capillaries as well as larger veins around the eyes and legs can be very eliminated.


Photo Rejuvenation

Liver spots and similar problems caused by sun damage can be treated by Nordlys®, which eliminates pigment in the epidermis.

The treatment also works on fine veins by coagulating the blood vessels and causing them to be reabsorbed. Darker spots and areas of pigmentation can be cleared leaving a much brighter, more rejuvenated glowing skin. Secondary to the face, the one of the next sites that show aging. The new Nordlys® system along with fillers and other new developments, provides some great combination technologies to completely rejuvenate your hands.

Grand Rapids Nordlys Ellipse Hybrid Laser

Nordlys Ellipse®procedures

Hair Removal

Focused wavelengths of light from the Nordlys® device will damage follicles as the dark pigment absorbs the energy and creates heat, destroying the hair follicle. A single treatment will often significantly reduce hair density in a specific area, though it only works on hairs that are in their active growth phase at the time, so multiple sequential treatments are required to hit the hair follicles while they are actively growing. For the most effective hair management, patients may need three to six treatments, each spaced one to three months apart.

Leg Veins and Matting

For veins that have been treated with sclerotherapy in the past, our new Nordlys® Ellipse hybrid laser can eliminate these annoying vessels typically in just a few sessions. This is particularly effective after you have had a full vein evaluation, and any problematic veins in your groin area that can create backflow and prominent smaller veins downstream may occur.

Reticular Vessels Around the Eyes

In the past, we have simply not had an effective treatment for those prominent veins around the eyes. Injection therapy is very dangerous, and standard lasers are essentially ineffective. The new YAG component on the Nordlys® system is extremely effective at eliminating these veins that previously had no good treatment options. Come in and see what this new technology can do for you!


Many acne treatments attack the acne-causing bacteria that live in the skin. Nordlys® turns light into heat energy that diminishes the blood vessels that supply blood to oil-producing sebaceous glands and also has a drying effect on these glands, making it more difficult for bacteria to grow. Less oil means less acne. Patients typically enjoy maximum results after receiving four treatments, each treatment is spaced three weeks apart.

Port Wine Stains and Birthmarks

Typically, these difficult-to-treat capillary vascular malformations or port wine stains are treated with specific types of lasers that are painful and create significant bruising. They also leave a faint red blush that persists following the series of treatments. The new Nordlys® can deliver the specific wavelength of light energy that best targets the red color with much less pain, using 85% less energy. Even in children, these typically may be treated without the need for general anesthesia or post-treatment pain medication.

Post-traumatic or Surgical Scars

As normal scars heal, they see an increased amount of healing collagen as well as increased blood vessels. Nordlys® focuses its light on to the redness in the healing scar allowing for a quicker healing process. Patients with painful, thick, ropy hypertrophic scarring have a genetic chromosomal flip that causes the skin to heal with thicker painful scars—lucky you, huh? Our new laser system, along with some dilute steroid injections, will help reduce the pain and redness and allow for a speedier recovery and healing.

Fine Wrinkling and Skin Texture Concerns

The Nordlys® system is launching a new non-ablative laser head that can treat finer wrinkling and skin texture issues.

Nail Fungus

Okay, this is not a real fun or exciting topic, but persistent nail fungus can be a true, difficult-to-treat problem. The new Nordlys® YAG laser component can be very helpful in treating it.

Beyond Nordlys®in Grand Rapids

The Bengtson Center offers a variety of options for treating skin conditions, including laser hair removallaser skin resurfacinglaser skin rejuvenation, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). For larger wrinkles and creases, BOTOX® and dermal fillers provide proven results that temporarily smooth skin for a rejuvenated appearance.

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