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Why Choose the Bengtson Center?

If you’re considering having a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, ultimately your decision comes down to trust, safety, and outcomes. You may find numerous options, but once you discover Dr. Bengtson, you'll find a number of reasons why the Bengtson Center, located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, is your premier and obvious choice.

Welcome To The Bengtson Center

1. Why Dr. B?

When you decide to have a cosmetic procedure, your most important decision should be who will perform your surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson has been in practice more than 20 years and is sought after throughout the world as a teacher and educator, researcher, and plastic surgeon. He has more than 4,000 breast and 5,000 liposuction procedures under his belt, along with expertise in facial rejuvenation, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and dermal fillers. His preference to be called “Dr. B” reflects his easygoing, approachable personality, so you know you will comfortable discussing even the most sensitive topics. Dr. B does the procedure right the first time.

2. Natural, Exceptional, Proportionate Results

At Bengtson Center, our goal is to help you attain natural, proportional outcomes for your face, breasts, and body. As Dr. B says, “The best plastic surgery is in the patients you can’t tell have had it.” For example, those considering breast augmentation will undergo a comprehensive evaluation that includes Vectra® 3D Imaging and Simulation, which helps patients choose the optimal implant size, shape, and profile for their breast and body. In the words of one of our former breast augmentation patients, your results will look "too good to be true, but too real to be fake!"

3. Vectra® 3D Imaging & Simulation

Have you ever wanted to know what you would look like following a procedure before having it? The Bengtson Center is the first practice in West Michigan to utilize Vectra® 3D Imaging and Simulation. A 3-D image taken of your face, breast, or body allows Dr. B and Dr. M to simulate a variety of outcomes that best fit your body dimensions. It gives you a perfect chance to take a peek at your afters ... before.

4. Implant Tracking and Follow-Up

The FDA recommends MRI follow-up of breast implants at 3, 5, and 7 years, which can cost thousands of dollars and is usually paid for by the patient. The Bengtson Center is the only practice that offers in-office tracking for all implant patients. Although uncommon, if you should need a replacement implant in the first 10 years following your augmentation, you’ll receive $3,500 toward that replacement from Dr. B for any implant shell complications, and implant replacement for life. Most national studies show up to a 25 to 30% breast augmentation revision rate in the first 3 years, but Dr. B’s revision rate is only 3%!

Brad Bengtson Brad Bengtson

Brad Bengtson MD, FACS

"Best Plastic Surgeon - Grand Rapids" Grand Rapids Magazine for the past 10 consecutive years.

Elected by his peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America® consecutively since 1996.

Sought-after Global Speaker and Educator on all
aspects of Plastic Surgery.

5. Expertise in Breast Revision Surgery

Twenty percent of Dr. Bengtson's breast surgery involves revising prior breast complications performed by other plastic surgeons regionally and throughout the world. He is a leader, researcher, innovator, and educator on breast revision techniques, with one of the top 5 practices in the world utilizing tissues and scaffolds to repair and reinforce weakened tissues and breast surgery complications. Check out some of his publications and teachings throughout the world. As one of our satisfied breast revision patients once said, "If he can fix complex problems, that’s who you want to do your breast augmentation surgery the first time!"

6. Personalized Concierge Services

At the Bengtson Center, you’ll find a dedicated team to give you an exceptional, individualized experience every time you visit. A concierge will meet you at the door, welcome you, and direct you to the skin care center, consultation room, or treatment area. The Bengtson Center even has a VIP entrance for post-surgical patients, and out-of-towners can take advantage of special partnerships we have with the JW Marriott. We also offer concierge pampered car services from the Gerald R. Ford International airport.

7. Fast-Trak Recovery Program

Dr. B understands the importance of your recovery and minimizing downtime, so he has helped develop and promote a Fast-Trak Recovery Program, which has truly transformed the patient recovery process. According to Dr. B, "Fast-Trak involves setting specific expectations for patients, performing the procedure with no bleeding or blunt trauma to tissues, and immediate stretching and return to normal activities of daily living. I expect to have breast patients out the night of surgery at dinner, a movie, or their child’s sports activity." These techniques allow more than 90 percent of patients to recover within 24 to 48 hours.

9. Awards & Accolades

Throughout the years, Dr. Bengtson, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has compiled many awards and accolades. Among the many, his peers have selected him as one of the “Best Doctors in America” for the past 19 consecutive years. He has also received two Tiffany Awards from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the best research in the US in cosmetic surgery, and he has been voted the Best Plastic Surgeon in Grand Rapids for the past seven consecutive years by Grand Rapids Magazine.

When deciding where to go and which surgeon to see for your cosmetic surgery, it’s important to evaluate your options. You’ll find that the Bengtson Center covers not only the things on your checklist, but also the things you haven’t even thought of yet! We take pride in providing a safe, effective, exceptional experience and outcome-and in getting it right the first time!

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