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Choose Your Round, High Fill Breast Implants in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson discusses modern implant shapes, sizes, and brands—including the Natrelle® 410 style (anatomically shaped and also known as Gummy Bear) and the Natrelle INSPIRA® round gel implant—for breast augmentation patients. He also demonstrates the stability, strength, and cohesiveness of gel-filled implants.

There are seemingly countless breast implant options these days, which is great for any woman looking to make a choice that suits her unique augmentation goals, anatomy, breast type, and lifestyle. One of the most recent additions to the product lineup from Natrelle® is known as INSPIRA®. Grand Rapids' Bengtson Center is one of the largest providers of these advanced implants in the United States, with a patient list full of women who chose INSPIRA® specifically to increase fullness and provide additional fill of the upper breast—and who chose Dr. Brad Bengtson as the experienced plastic surgeon to handle the surgery.


Considering the wide selection of implants to choose from, including hundreds of INSPIRA® variations alone, plastic surgeon Dr. Bengtson works with each patient to select an implant that matches her goals and breast type. This process involves a thorough but comfortable consultation and exploration of the sizes, shapes, styles, and types of implants available. Many women find what they're looking for with INSPIRA®, thanks to the implants' higher fill volumes, less inherent rippling, and modern breast shaping ability.

INSPIRA® Implant Details

Designed specifically to give women's breasts a full, round look, INSPIRA® was initially available only with a silicone fill. The Round Gel Breast Implants have a soft feel and provide all of the benefits of silicone a patient may be seeking.

More recently, Allergan introduced round implants filled with a cohesive gel. Formerly only available in implants with a teardrop shape, the cohesive gel has a thicker, stable, gummy bear-like feel that mimics natural fat, feels firmer to the touch, and holds its shape well. The two options give women a remarkable amount of customization when it comes to augmentation. Dr. Bengtson meets with each patient to help her determine the best option for achieving her ideal results.

Who is a Good Candidate for INSPIRA® Implants?

Women who are looking for a more round upper pole and full look via breast augmentation may want to consider INSPIRA® implants, because these implants have what is known as a higher fill volume, adding a noticeable increase to the upper pole of the breast. This makes INSPIRA® a good choice for women who are looking to restore volume lost after pregnancy, are seeking revision surgery to alter the results of a previous breast augmentation, or are thin. All of these patient types share a common theme of having more thin skin with less fat. The higher fill volume shows less inherent implant rippling.

Note that women who receive INSPIRA® implants for cosmetic purposes must be at least 22 years old. Patients should also be free from any infections at the time of their surgery, should not be pregnant, and should avoid smoking before and after the procedure to keep their body as healthy as possible for ideal outcomes.

Brad Bengtson Brad Bengtson

Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS

"Best Plastic Surgeon - Grand Rapids" Grand Rapids Magazine for the past 9 consecutive years.

Elected by his peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America® from 1996 to 2018.

Sought-after Global Speaker and Educator on all aspects of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bengtson and INSPIRA®

Dr. Brad Bengtson has enjoyed a long relationship with Allergan, maker of INSPIRA® implants. His history with the company extends back years and continues to this day, with an emphasis on working with implants.

He and one of his colleagues assisted Allergan in the development of the Gel Certification Training for INSPIRA® and Style 410 shaped implants for plastic surgeons in the United States. Surgeons must complete this training before being certified to use these new devices for the first time, better ensuring that anyone offering the implants understands their unique qualities and how they fill out breasts when compared to other implants.

Dr. Bengtson was also the lead designer of the Style 410 highly cohesive "gummy bear implant" certification program prior to this implant launch in February 2013.

More recently, in late 2016, Dr. Bengtson was the first plastic surgeon in the entire Midwest region to give a patient the Natrelle INSPIRA® Cohesive implants. These implants were approved by the FDA in September 2016.

On a broader scale, Dr. Bengtson regularly speaks around the world on the subject of breast aesthetics, including augmentation. He is also a prolific writer, authoring numerous textbooks and articles, as well as lectures he delivers to his peers in the plastic surgery field.





What Makes INSPIRA® Implants Different?

As noted above, INSPIRA® breast implants are filled with either a thick silicone gel or form-stable silicone and have a higher fill ratio (over 92 percent) than other standard options available from Natrelle®. With a higher fill, the possibility of implant rippling and potential rupture is reduced, with less rubbing or friction on itself, and the breasts themselves appear to be rounder and may have greater projection.

Inspira Compare

Many women prefer the gel found in INSPIRA® implants because of its more natural feel compared to the saline-filled devices. While cohesive gel is the most stable of the fill options available, regular silicone gel is also a more stable fill than saline.

All silicone implants made by Natrelle®, including INSPIRA®, are made with "barrier shell technology," which is an advanced method of keeping the gel in place inside the implant, where it belongs, versus silicone molecules passing through the shell. The form-stable silicone stays in place, even in the event of a rupture or leak.

The breast implants range in size from 110cc to 610 cc with "low profile" options, or the 200cc to 800cc "extra-full profile" models typically used in reconstruction. At the Bengtson Center, Dr. Bengtson utilizes tissue-based planning and the Vectra imaging system to help assess a patient's breast dimensions, then uses these measurements to help guide implant selection. It's important to select a size, shape, and material that will work with your body to create a natural, proportional look.

To that end, Natrelle® offers more than just its INSPIRA® line. There are also anatomical breast implants available. These Style 410 shaped implants are teardrop shaped with a tapered upper pole and more closely mimic a breast's natural shape and proportions. Women seeking a more subtle augmentation, with not as much focus on a round fullness, may consider the anatomic shape. Note that in the case of possible implant rotation, the teardrop shape will cause a noticeable change in shape, while round implants look the same no matter which end is up.

In general, though, as all of the Natrelle® implants have a stellar safety record and are backed by years of study and successful application, the choice truly comes down to personal preference.

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