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Breast Lift for Grand Rapids, Birmingham, and Detroit in Michigan

A breast lift, or mastopexy, at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center can help correct the appearance, size, shape, and position of breasts that have changed due to childbirth, weight loss, normal aging, or simply heredity. A breast lift in Michigan can help reposition your nipple location and breasts, restoring shape and firmness for a more youthful, natural appearance.

Your personal consultation for a breast lift with Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson will help determine whether a breast lift alone, or the added option of fat transfer or breast implants, will help you achieve the natural, youthful, lifted curves you desire. Your individualized breast lift consultation and plan in Michigan includes the Vectra 3-D Imaging and Simulation System, which allows you to see your potential results. With our new "Mastopexy Module," you can actually visualize a range of outcomes prior to having surgery. Dr. Bengtson provides this technology because he believes in optimizing his patients' consultation experience.

Visit Dr. Bengtson today to see your breast lift "afters" before surgery! View Dr. Bengtson's before and after photo gallery for breast lift patients.

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Result may vary from person to person.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift surgically lifts and reshapes the breasts, creating breasts that are firmer and more lifted, producing a more youthful position, shape, and appearance.

Why might a breast lift be recommended for me?

Childbirth, weight loss, natural aging, or heredity can affect the appearance, size, shape, or position of a womans breasts over time. A breast lift In Michigan can correct these changes for our Birmingham, Grand Rapids, and Detroit patients.

*Result may vary from person to person.

Who is a candidate for a breast lift at our Grand Rapids practice?

Although the mean age for aesthetic breast procedures is about 35, women from 18 to 70 elect to have breast augmentation and/or breast lift surgery. Our Birmingham, Grand Rapids, and Detroit patients do so for many different reasons: breast asymmetry from childbirth, lack of proportional development, loss of volume after childbirth and breastfeeding, and sagginess that develops due to gravity and aging. The following factors generally define good candidates for breast lift procedures in Michigan:

  • Breast lift is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The incision pattern for your surgery will be discussed with you during your consultation. Scars are a normal outcome of surgery and are generally concealed beneath modest clothing and lingerie.
  • Return to normal activities of daily living is usually 24 to 48 hours with minimal restrictions. The return to full sports activity, including running, jogging, or high-impact aerobics, usually requires 4 weeks.
  • Results are permanent, but weight loss/gain or pregnancy can change your results, and normal aging and gravity may affect your long-term results.
  • Scar revisions may occasionally be required.
  • You will need a capable adult with you for 24 hours after surgery.
  • Afterward, you will return to your home or, for our out-of-town guests, to one of the designated hotels conveniently located a short distance from our office.
  • All surgeries carry the potential for risks, which will be fully discussed with you during your consultation.
Brad Bengtson Brad Bengtson

Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS

"Best Plastic Surgeon - Grand Rapids" Grand Rapids Magazine for the past 8 consecutive years.

Elected by his peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America® from 1996 to 2018.

Sought-after Global Speaker and Educator on all aspects of Plastic Surgery.

Research and Innovation

  • Dr. Brad Bengtson is recognized as one of the leading clinical investigators in the United States with the Natrelle 410 Silicone "Gummy Bear" gel breast implants prior to approval and thus has one of the largest experiences in North America. To learn if you are a good candidate for the 410 Silicone "Gummy Bear" implant, call our office.
  • Dr. Bengtson has nationally supported research regarding High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging and gel breast implants, following patients and identifying ruptured breast implant shells requiring replacement.
  • Dr. Bengtson has performed many studies regarding the Vectra 3-D Imaging and Simulation, which allows patients to see breast augmentation and breast lift results prior to surgery-in the privacy of his Grand Rapids, Michigan, office.
  • Dr. Bengtson is one of the global leaders of Acellular Dermal Matrix such as AlloDerm® and Strattice for breast augmentation revisional surgery that may or may not be recommended to increase the longevity of your result.
  • Dr. Bengtson is also one of the global leaders in using SERI Surgical Scaffold in breast revision surgery or in patients having surgery for the first time that are undergoing a breast reduction surgery or combining breast augmentation with breast lift, which can require additional support. Contact the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Michigan to see if you would qualify to be a part of the new clinical study of this FDA-approved product.

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