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SERI Surgical Scaffold for Breast Revision in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson has one of the largest global experiences with various tissues and surgical scaffold products such as Allergan’s FDA-approved SERI Surgical Scaffold, which helps deliver impressive results for his Grand Rapids, Birmingham, and Detroit area patients. For breast revision, breast reduction, and breast lift/mastopexy procedures at the Grand Rapids Bengtson Center, Dr. B is among a select group of surgeons using SERI Surgical Scaffold to provide a strong, flexible substructure for patients who require additional support of their soft tissues. This new bioengineered material cradles your breasts like an invisible silk bra beneath your skin, improving breast shape and position, and providing volume support.

SERI Surgical Scaffold is a silk-derived biological product that undergoes rigorous processing to produce an ultra-pure, ultra-strong, sterile material that is accepted and eventually absorbed by your own body. Over time, it strengthens your own tissues, and the internal support it provides can help reduce some of the most common adverse occurrences in breast augmentation surgery.

*Result may vary from person to person.

In breast revision surgery at his Grand Rapids practice, Dr. B uses this bioabsorbable scaffolding material to help repair soft-tissue concerns that accompany complications in breast surgery, such as fold malposition (beneath your breast), lateral (outward) displacement of your implants, synmastia (implants too close together), stretch deformity (bottoming out), capsular contracture (hard scar tissue around your implants), and wrinkling and rippling. In the United States and throughout the world, Dr. B is a leader and educator in the use of SERI Surgical Scaffold at his Grand Rapids practice, helping you achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.

Learn more about SERI Surgical Scaffold, or view our before & after photo gallery to see real patient results from Dr. Bengtson.

  • To learn more about SERI Surgical Scaffold for breast lift or breast revision surgery, contact Dr. Brad Bengtson or Dr. David Alfonso in Grand Rapids today. Request your consultation online or phone us at 616.588.8880.
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